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Delivery - Refunds


Food will be delivered in a reasonable time (We guarantee within 1 hour). We ask customers  to appreciate this will increase at busy times.


There will be no refunds for late delivery of food.  We ask customers to acknowledge whilst we strive to deliver food quickly it may arrive later than average on occasions. You accept this when placing an order through this website.


The takeaway is responsible for delivering food in a reasonable timescale. You can phone. Write or send us an email if you have any complaints. Please allow up to 14 days while we investigate your complaint and/or provide a satisfactory response. 

We may offer you a discount in your next order if we deem it to have arrived excessively late.


For food deemed "cold" or of "poor quality" on arrival we accepts no liability and we will have to either re-cook the food or give you a refund of cash . We can not refund any card payment in this case.


If a customer is intoxicated, has fallen asleep, does not answer mobile/telephone/door, (poor mobile reception is not an excuse) provides insufficient or inaccurate address details etc, then total liability rests with the customer. 

In this instance the food will be deemed as delivered and paid for (if using card) and no refund will be forthcoming.


We will take all measures necessary to close the online ordering system if we belive there to be a fault. in this case. We will offer to refund the money to a bank account within 3-4 working days or in the form of a credit note to be used on your next order.


Fraud procedure. 

From time to time a transaction may be carried out by an unauthorised person or using a stolen card. These times are distressing for you and us. We work closely with you and the police to resolve fraudulent cases speedily. 

We do however ask for your cooperation and to fully comply with our procedures, failure to do so will cause unnecessary delays in resolving your case and may render your claim void. We aim to resolve any fraud cases within 28 days and ask that you allow us this time to fully investigate all avenues and lines of enquiry. 


We strive to offer all our customers an exceptional service, if in the unlikly event you have cause for complaint then please contact us here

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