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Located On the Quay of Exeter part of Venezia is proud to open 7 days a week for all of you who love Ice-cream and Sorbet, with over thirty flavours to choose from. We also cater for Vegans and Gluten free.

Ever tried our Ice-Cream?

Our Selection of Ice-cream or what we call Gelato in Italy is too much to choose from. From Marsh Field and Carte D'Or we picked over 30 flavours for you to pick from. It's very rich and creamy but we also cater for those who are Vegan and Gluten Free. You can pick from a normal cone or any of our special cones or even a tub. Lots of toppings too so you can make your own creation.

We also cater for your dog with a very special dog Ice-cream.

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Ice Cream - Gelato

Venezia Italian Restaurant Exeter
Venezia Italian Restaurant Exeter
Venezia Italian Restaurant Exeter


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